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Diggin' Deeper, 10 CDs - 200 legendary Blues treasures
Diggin' Deeper, 10 CDs - 200 legendary Blues treasures

563 072

Diggin' Deeper, 10 CDs - 200 legendary Blues treasures

Bekannte Interpreten singen die berühmtesten Blues-Songs: John Lee Hooker: Stomp Boogie, Bessie Smith: Midnight Blues, Muddy Waters: Walking Blues, Joe Turner: Ice man, Leadbelly: New York City, Lightnin Hopkins: Feel so bad, Sleepy John Estes: Hobo Jungle Blues u.v.a. 10 Cds in Box.

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€ 9,99
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Disc 1
1.Better cut that out
2.Jelly bean blues
3.Little Anna Mea
4.Brownsville blues
5.Be good to me
6.Harmonica and washboard breakdown
7.Fixin' to die blues
8.Big mama jump
9.Henry's swing club
10.Red beans and rice
11.Searching the desert for the blues
12.Ox drivin' blues
13.Yancey limited
14.Hattie blues
15.Give ma a 32 - 30
16.Got the blues
17.Chewed up grass
18.In my girlish days
19.Malted milk
20.Nobody in town can bade a sweet jelly roll like mine

Disc 2
1.L. A. blues
2.Me and my dog blues
3.Blessed be the name
4.Rough Alley blues
5.Fool man blues
6.Poor man's friend
7.I Be's troubled
8.Night time bllues
9.Bad luck blues
10.Shake down blues
11.Long tall mama
12.Low down - midnite boogie
13.The fives
14.Bumble Bee
15.S. K. blues Part 1
16.Shake 'on down
17.Stop breaking down blues
18.Raisend to my hand
19.Packing' trunk
20.Keeps on a rainin'

Disc 3
1.New York City
2.When can I change my clothes?
3.Short haired woman
4.I'm talking about you
5.Nobody's dirty business
6.Landing blues
7.Long and tall
8.Death valley blues
9.Born for bad luck
10.My black name blues
11.Burr Clover farm blues
12.Hobo jungle blues
13.Worrying you off my mind (Part 1)
14.Nobody in mind
15.Come on in my kitchen
16.La salla street breakdown
17.New love blues
18.Down hearted blues
19.Explaining the blues
20.Low rider's blues

Disc 4
1.Gonna follow my baby
2.Airplane blues
3.Army camp harmony blues
4.High fever blues
5.Roberta Pt. 1
6.Sweet woman
7.Joe Louis strut
8.Can't do like you used to
9.Sally dog
10.Painful blues
11.Two O'clock blues
12.I believe I'll dust my broom
13.Take a walk with me
14.Louis Collins
15.Rising sun shine on
16.Midnight blues
17.Blues on central avenue
18.Stomp boogie
19.I'm calling Daisy
20.Stop breaking down

Disc 5
1.Come home early
3.Who's been fooling you
4.Floating bridge
5.Sally Mae
6.Bukka's jitterbug swing
7.Fort Worth and Dallas blues
8.Experience blues
9.Phonograph blues
10.Ice man
11.Cold winter blues
12.Counti' the blues
13.Janie's Joys
14.Baby won't you please come home
15.Burr Clover blues
16.Katie may
17.Step it up and go
18.Train fare blues
19.I want some of your pie
20.Praying on the old camp ground (Traditional)

Disc 6
1.Little queen of spades
2.District attorney blues
3.Low down blues
4.Good jelly
5.Standing at my window
6.Cell bound blues
7.TB woman blues
8.My baby don't want me no more
9.I'm stranger here
10.My barkin' bulldog blues
11.Lean bacon
12.Aggravation' papa
13.Spike driver blues
14.Sister Jane cross the hall
15.Cry baby blues
16.Henry's swing club
17.Walking blues
18.I can't stay here in your town
19.Need more blues
20.Chick up on my baby blues

Disc 7
1.Let tell you 'bout my baby
2.Avalon blues
3.Toad frog blues
4.Bye bye baby blues
5.Strange place blues
6.Bull cow blues
7.Hoo doo hoo doo
8.If I get lucky
9.The red gross store blues
10.If you don't know who will
11.I'm a steady rollin' man
13.Feel so bad
14.Fire department blues
15.Big bear train
16.Wild water blues
18.Boy friend blues
19.I can't be satisfied
20.Lonesome day blues

Disc 8
1.Ain't no telling
2.New someday baby
3.Nothing in rambling
4.Dead shrimp blues
5.Shake the boogie
6.Mean and no good woman
7.Death letter blues
8.Jail house blues
9.Lucille's lament
10.West coast blues
11.I can't be satisfied
12.Prison woman blues
13.Boogie chillen
14.Blues in the night
15.Black pony blues
16.Farewell, daddy blues
17.Mama, let me scoop for you
18.Laugh and grin blues
19.Sleepy my blues
20.Gipsy woman

Disc 9
1.Sam Hones blues
2.Back door stranger
3.War is over
4.Blues (That mean old twister)
5.Beezum blues
6.Blue harvest blues
7.Me and my chauffeur blues
8.I feel like going home
9.Liquor store blues
10.It's the same old story
11.From four 'til late
12.Jealous harted blues
13.Rollin' mama blues
14.Welfare store blues
15.Pinebluff, Arkansas
16.Fox chase
17.How you want it done
18.Kind lover blues
19.The bourgeois blues
20.Mean old twister


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