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Rhythm & Blues 10 CDs

862 096

Rhythm & Blues 10 CDs

Roy Milton: Miltons Boogie, Joe Turner: Mad Blues, The Royals: All night long, Lightnin' Hopkins: Movin' out u.v.a.

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€ 14,95
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Weitere Informationen
CD 1

Milton’s Boogie (Milton) ROY MILTON 2:41
It‘s You I‘m Thinking Of (Glenn/Thomas) JESSE THOMAS 2:38
Teardrops From My Eyes (Toombs) WYNONIE HARRIS 2:50
Kilroy Won’t Be Back (Brown) EDDIE BOYD 2:58
Cold Hearted Woman (Lauderdale) LOWELL FULSON 2:52
Wine-O-Baby (Turner) JOE TURNER 2:31
Gonna Send You Back (Vinson/Blackman) EDDIE VINSON 2:23
Joogie Boogie (Armstrong) LIL ARMSTRONG 2:45
Beans And Corn Bread (Morris) JOE MORRIS 2:49
Baby Won‘t You Jump With Me (Fulson/Glenn) LOWELL FULSON 2:33
Rocket Boogie 88 (Turner) JOE TURNER 2:46
Juke Box Shuffle (Fulson) LOWELL FULSON 2:20
Big Leg Mama (Van Walls) THE ROCKETS 2:35
Blues For What I Never Had (Barnes) LEE BARNES 3:00
Straighten Him Out (Scott) MARY DELOATCH 2:40
I Like It (Hunter) IVORY JOE HUNTER 2:34
Long Down Dog (Unknown) JOE TURNER 3:02
My Rough And Ready Man (Theard/Brannon) ANNIE LAURIE 2:28
My Gal‘s A Jockey (Turner) JOE TURNER 3:10
One Monkey Don‘t Stop The Show (McGhee) STICK MC GHEE 2:37

CD 2

Mad Blues (Turner) JOE TURNER 2:25
Chitlin‘ Ball (Porter) KING PORTER 2:23
Goomp Blues (Otis) JOHNNY OTIS 2:44
You Can‘t Stay Here (Reaves) PEARL REAVES 2:42
You Did Me Wrong (Thornton) BIG MAMA THORNTON 2:35
Rockin‘ And Jumpin‘ (Johnson/Brown) HONEY BROWN 2:59
Sally Zu Zazz (Turner) JOE TURNER 2:53
Ain‘t Talkin‘ To You Baby (Washington) SHERI WASHINGTON 2:06
The Blues Pick On Me (Harris) Peppermint Harris 2:00
Hey Now (Grimes) Tony Grimes 2:33
Mumbles Blues (Bascomb) Paul Bascomb 2:33
Wine Wine Wine (Dixon – Davis) Floyd Dixon 2:41
Ooh Little Girl (Dixon) Floyd Dixon 2:12
She Felt Too Good (McCracklin) Jimmy McCracklin 2:43
Oh Gee Oh Wee (unknown) Charlie & Ray 2:26
I Gotta Go Home (unknown) Gene & Eunice 2:23
I Wanna Make Love To You (McCracklin – Geddins) Jimmy McCracklin 2:26
3 X 7 = 21 (King) JEWEL KING 2:32
Seven To Eleven (Unknown) G A S 2:27
Rock H-Bomb Rock (Ferguson) H-BOMB FERGUSON 2:09

CD 3

You‘re Mine (Unknown) BOBBY & RON 2:11
Sick And Tired (Reed) LULA REED 2:21
Tough Enough (Unknown) THE BEES 2:34
Easy Livin‘ Plan (Thomas) RUFUS THOMAS 2:45
Rock Around (Mercer) WALLY MERCER 2:40
Crazy Baby (Unknown) TEAM MATES 2:07
Mad At You (Rogers) BUDDY ROGERS 2:30
Shake That Thing (Unknown) FINNEY MO 2:03
Everything Is Cool (Unknown) PORK CHOPS 2:21
Sugar Babe (Brown) BUSTER BROWN 2:26
Satisfied With My Lovin’ (Lewis) MARTY LEWIS 1:47
Wolf Pack (Thomas) KID THOMAS 2:34
I Got A New Car (Groves) BIG BOY GROVES 2:41
The Dance (Tennison) LORD TENNISON 2:42
Down In The Bottom (Unknown) HOWLIN` WOLF 2:05
Mojo Man (Sundown) L. SUNDOWN 2:20
Sleeping In An Ocean Of Tears (Unknown) BROWN & BROOKS 2:57
Come On Home (Charles) PRINCE CH. 2:32
Roller Coaster (Unknown) LITTLE WALTER 2:49
Big Leg Woman (King) W. KING 2:26

CD 4

Forgive Me Baby (Nixon) ELMO NIXON 2:19
Evil Man Blues (Gaddy) DOC GADDY 2:32
Let’s Make Love Tonight (Williams) EARL WILLIAMS 2:27
Shout Baby Shout (Williams) L. C. WILLIAMS 2:40
Come Back Baby (Perry) KING PERRY 2:11
So Worried (Williams) CH. WILLIAMS 2:13
If It’s Too Late (Smith) J. L. SMITH 2:16
Set A Date (Unknown) HOMESICK JAMES 2:34
No More (Fuller) JOHNNIE FULLER 2:27
Come By Here (Unknown) NAT COOL CAT 2:46
I Weep (Brown) B. B. BROWN 2:21
I Love You (Anderson) ELTON ANDERSON 2:36
My Baby Didn’t Come Home (Unknown) HARMONICA FATS 2:41
Do Right Baby (Gayles) BILLY GAYLES 2:05
Knock Kneed Rooster (Moore) HANK MOORE 1:53
I Wanna (Curtis) BABY CURTIS 2:14
It’s Your Voodoo Working (Sheffield) CHARLES SHEFFIELD 1:46
You Know It Ain’t Right (Walker) CHARLES WALKER 2:48
Hello Miss Sims (Garland) GARLAND 2:04
You Look Bad (Taylor) DANNY TAYLOR 2:23

CD 5

Decorate The Counter (Thomas) RUFUS THOMAS 2:20
Oh What A Fool (Unknown) MR. GOOGLE 2:37
Red Red Wine (Buckner) MILT BUCKNER 2:29
Oh Babe (Preston) JIMMY PRESTON 2:44
Eatin’ And Sleepin’ Blues (Johnson) LEMMY JOHNSON 2:46
Big Man (Matthews) CARL MATTHEWS 2:56
Till My Baby Comes Back (Crawford) JIMMY CRAWFORD 2:25
Your Money Ain’t No Long Enough (Lynn) CHERRI LYNN 2:37
Baby Baby (Conroy) WEBSTER & CONROY 2:31
I Just Can’t Help It (Alston) EDDIE ALSTON 2:19
Oh Oh Mojo (Duke) JOHNNY DUKE 1:37
Chicken Stuff (Wilson) HOP WILSON 1:46
I’m Leaving This Town (Unknown) MR. BO 2:15
Shoo Shoo Chicken (Sheffield) CH. SHEFFIELD 2:33
Long Tall Papa (Harris) ERLINE HARRIS 2:31
Man’s Brand Boogie (Wright) BILLY WRIGHT 2:56
Lot Of Shakin’ Lot Of Jivin’ (Unknown) PIANO SLIM 2:06
Pack Your Clothes (Jones) HARMON JONES 2:32
Hallelujah Rock And Roll (Grimms) SANDRA GRIMMS 2:58
The Duke Walks (Jenkins) DUKE JENKINS 2:53

CD 6

Your Car Machine (Moore) TOMMY MOORE 3:55
That’s Allright With Me (Payne) LOUIS PAYNE 2:53
Sad Head Blues (Price) MR. SAD HEAD 2:41
Tell Me What’s The Matter (Fowler) T. J. FOWLER 2:54
Talk To Me (Williams) BOB WILLIAMS 2:10
Somebody Help Me (Tarver) LEON TARVER 3:00
I’m Your Rockin’ Man (Manzy) HERMAN MANZY 2:12
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Tonight (Perry) - KING PERRY 2:25
Something’s Wrong (Moore) WOO WOO MOORE 2:14
Great Big Hunk Of Man (Nelson) JIMMIE NELSON 1:48
Runaway (Stone) JESSE STONE 2:07
Court Room Blues (Otis) JOHNNY OTIS 2:50
Wild Life (Greene) RUDY GREENE 2:29
My Baby’s Gone Away (Riff) EDDIE RIFF 2:16
Before Day In The Morning (Anthony) JIMMY ANTHONY 2:37
She’s An Upsetter (Hall) FREDDIE HALL 2:33
My Heart Goes Diddely Bum (Christy) LEE CHRISTY 2:52
Who Dat (Unknown) MR. RAIN 2:43
What I Say (Jones) OLIVER JONES 2:38
You Drive Me Crazy (Shaw) JOAN SHAW 2:39

CD 7

All Night Long (Unknown) THE ROYALS 2:15
Shufflin’ Boogie ( Jenkins) GEORGE JENKINS 1:48
Booted (Unknown) THE KID 1:45
Hey Loretta (McCoy) JOE MC COY 2:00
Ball Of Fire (Linkenberg) FRANK LINKENBERG 2:03
Love Me Baby (Allen) JESSE ALLEN 2:17
Tarzan (Wilson) ARTIE WILSON 1:56
I Want My Baby (Heyman) BILL HEYMAN 1:54
Too Much Going On (McCoy) JOE MC COY 2:16
Good Lovin’ (Hanna) LARRY HANNA 1:54
You Ain’t So Such A Much (Thomas) BLANCHE THOMAS 2:21
Looking For My Baby (Starkes) NITERIDERS 1:59
Honey Why (Greer) JOHN GREER 2:19
Lizzie Lou (Unknown) WILLIE MITCHELL 2:38
That Big Fat Mama (Kimble) PAUL KIMBLE 2:37
Invasion (December) FAMOUS RENEGADES 2:28
You’d Better Find (Unknown) MISS BAKER 1:58
Dog Wild (Harris) ARABIANS 1:53
Little Schoolgirl (Garner) BILLY GARNER 2:06
Whoa Whoa (Unknown) GOOD GUYS 2:34

CD 8

She Likes To Boogie Real Slow (Sims) FRANKIE LEE SIMS 2:00
Movin Out (Hopkins) LIGHTNIN` HOPKINS 2:16
Choo Choo (Unknown) THE CARDINALS 2:40
Look A There (Watson) MOJO WATSON 2:16
I Ain’t Got The Money (Unknown) THE THRILLS 2:22
Wine O Wine (Unknown) THE 4 GATORS 2:41
Go Ahead (Miranda) BILLY MIRANDA 2:20
I’m A Little Mixed Up (James) BETTY JAMES 2:47
You Upset My Home (Tex) JOE TEX 2:34
But Officer (Knight) SONNY KNIGHT 2:52
Killer Diller (Unknown) KING RHYTHM 2:49
Jumpin’ With Jaris (Unknown) PAPA LIGHTFOOT 2:13
I Got To Know (Unknown) CRUSHER 2:21
Walk The Chalk Line (Johnson) BUDDY JOHNSON 2:35
Slow Down (Jenkins) GUS JENKINS 1:56
Pleadin’ (Unknown) MERCY BABY 2:14
Hidden Charms (Clark) CHARLES CLARK 2:31
You Keep On Doggin’ Me (Unknown) SONNY & JAYCEE 1:56
I’m Wild About You (Hopkins) LIGHTNIN` HOPKINS 2:48
Tell Me Who (Jenkins) BOBO JENKINS 2:32

CD 9

Miss Thing (Unknown) THE SILHOUETTES 1:53
Arkansas Jane (Unknown) THE MILLIONAIRES 2:09
Rhythm Rockin’ Boogie (Lee) JOHN LEE 2:34
Touch And Go (Carr) WYNONA CARR 2:1
A Real Good Time (Clearwater) EDDIE CLEARWATER 2:12
Hi Yo Silver (Charles) RICKY CHARLES 2:23
Running Shoes (Bonner) BOY BONNER 2:25
Little City Woman (Broonzy) BILL BROONZY 2:49
Look At That Chick (Wright) JOHNNY WRIGHT 2:19
Come On Home (Unknown) JUMPIN` JAY 2:48
Never Never (Unknown) WASHBOARD SAM 2:38
Rockhouse (Unknown) BIG MAYBELLE 2:14
Shake Your Boogie (Unknown) MODEL T SLIM 2:30
Hobo (Edwards) J. D. EDWARDS 2:29
Jersey City (Long) BOBBY LONG 2:19
Ride On Red (Unknown) LOUISIANA RED 2:47
Little By Little (Wells) JUNIOR WELLS 2:29
Leave My Kitten Alone (John) LITTLE WILLIE JOHN 2:29
I Ain’t Drunk (Liggins) JIMMY LIGGINS 2:23
You Don’t Have To Go (Myers) SAM MYERS 2:32

CD 10

Heart Hearted Woman (Burns) EDDIE BURNS 2:28
Mish Mash (Grant) CARRIE GRANT 2:18
Anna Mae (McGhee) BROWNIE MCGHEE 2:09
House Rent Party (Gonzales) BABS GONZALES 2:55
Talking That Talk (Liggins) JIMMY LIGGINS 2:28
She’s Just Right For Me (Gonzales) BABS GONZALES 2:54
The Grind (Gordon) STOMP GORDON 2:27
Blow Little Willie (Williamson) WALKIN` WILLIE 2:38
You Got Me Goin’ (Unknown) THE SULTANS 2:27
I Want My Fanny Brown (Harris) WYNONIE HARRIS 3:05
Them Their Eyes (Dillard) VARETTA DILLARD 2:15
It Ain’t What You Say (Esther) LITTLE ESTHER 2:50
Turn The Lights Down Low (Littlefield) ESTHER & WILLIE 2:20
Let Me Go Home Whiskey (Milburn) AMOS MILBURN 2:43
A Fool No More (Hope) EDDIE HOPE 2:20
Bring It On Back (Ruffin) MISTER RUFFIN 2:56
Number Nine Train (Tarheel) TARHEEL SLIM 2:53
Night Train (Lucas) BUDDY LUCAS 2:35
That’s Alright Mama (Crudup) ARTHUR CRUDUP 2:53
Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie (Jordan) LOUIS JORDAN 2:45

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