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Petula Clark 8 CDs, Petula Clark
Petula Clark 8 CDs, Petula Clark

927 240    Petula Clark

Petula Clark 8 CDs

Original Complete English and French Hits & Rarities 1949-60. Tennessee Waltz, Sleepy eyes, Clickety clack, I yi yi yi yi, St. Tropez u.v.a.

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€ 19,90 

€ 9,99
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Weitere Titel von Petula Clark

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Titel auf CD 1

1.: Two Lips

2.: Clancy Lowered the Boom

3.: I'll Always Love You

4.: Doodle - Oodle Day

5.: There's a House in the Sky

6.: Put Your Shoes on Lucy

7.: It's Not for the Want of Trying

8.: You Go to My Head

9.: Out of a Clear Blue Sky

10.: Blossoms on the Bough

11.: Music Music Music

12.: You're the Sweetest in the Land

13.: Silver Dollar

14.: Talky Talky Talky

15.: Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul

16.: You Are My True Love

17.: Who Spilt Coffee on the Carpet?

18.: Song of the Mermaid
Titel auf CD 2

1.: That's How a Love Song is Born...

2.: May Kway, O May Kway

3.: Tell Me Truly

4.: Beloved, Be Faithful

5.: Tennessee Waltz

6.: Teasin'

7.: Sleepy Eyes

8.: Clickety Clack

9.: Black Note Serenade

10.: Mariandl

11.: Cold, Cold Heart

12.: Broken Heart

13.: A Boy in Love

14.: Where Did My Snowman Go?

15.: The Card

16.: If Had to Be You

17.: Anytime is Teatime Now

18.: Made in Heaven
Titel auf CD 3

1.: My Love is a Wanderer

2.: Three Little Kittens

3.: Christopher Robin at Buckingham Palace

4.: Take Care of Yourself

5.: Poppa Piccolino

6.: The Who - is - It Song

7.: Temptation Rag

8.: Smile

9.: Somebody

10.: A Long Way to Go

11.: Little Johnny Rainbow

12.: The Little Shoemaker

13.: Helpless

14.: Fascinating Rhythm

15.: Majorca

16.: Meet Me in Battersea Park

17.: Christmas Cards

18.: With Your Love
Titel auf CD 4

1.: Suddenly There's a Valley

2.: Crazy Otto Rag

3.: The Pendulum Song

4.: Chee - Chee - Oo - Chee

5.: How Are Things With You?

6.: Tuna Puna Trinidad

7.: Romance in Rome

8.: Memories Are Made of This

9.: A Million Stars Above

10.: Another Door Opens

11.: You Are My Lucky Star

12.: Afraid to Dream

13.: The Sky

14.: Band of Gold

15.: To You My Love

16.: Fortune Teller

17.: I Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi

18.: Alone
Titel auf CD 5

1.: With All My Heart

2.: Long Before I Knew You

3.: Sonny Boy

4.: It's Foolish but It's Fun

5.: Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart

6.: Gonna Find Me a Bluebird

7.: Who Needs You?

8.: Slumming on Park Avenue

9.: It's the Natural Thing to Do

10.: Goodnight My Love

11.: I Wish I Knew

12.: As Time Goes by

13.: Histoire D'un Amour

14.: Allo Mon Coeur

15.: Tout Ce Que Veut Lola

16.: Papayer

17.: The Little Blue Man

18.: Baby Lover
Titel auf CD 6

1.: Away in a Manger

2.: The Holly and the Ivy

3.: Little Jesus (Rocking)

4.: Once in Royal David's City

5.: List Our Merry Carol

6.: Hark! the Herald Angels Sing

7.: Fibbin'

8.: St. Tropez

9.: Devotion

10.: I've Grown Accustomed to His Face

11.: Love Me Again

12.: In a Little Moment

13.: Lucky Day

14.: Ever Been in Love

15.: Suddenly

16.: Watch Your Heart

17.: Where Do I Go from Here

18.: Mama's Talkin' Soft
Titel auf CD 7

1.: Guitare Et Tambourin

2.: Java Pour Petula

3.: Mon Coeur Danse Avec La Chance...

4.: Tango De L'esquimau

5.: Prends Mon Coeur

6.: Lune De Miel

7.: Che Sbadato

8.: Ne Joue Pas

9.: Que Voulez - Vous De Plus?

10.: Dis - Moi

11.: Moi J'prefere L'amour à Tout Ça

12.: Je T'aime

13.: Adonis

14.: If I Had My Way

15.: Dear Daddy

16.: Through the Livelong Day

17.: Darn That Dream

18.: Day in, Day out
Titel auf CD 8

1.: Where Are You (Now That I Need You)

2.: I Love a Violin

3.: I'm in Love Again

4.: A Doodlin' Song

5.: There's a Small Hotel

6.: Lucky

7.: Too Darn Hot

8.: Where Do I Go from Here

9.: That's How It Feels

10.: For the Very First Time

11.: Grand - Mère

12.: Non Et Non

13.: La Joie D'aimer

14.: Garde - Moi La Dernière Danse

15.: Sur Un Tapis Volant

16.: Le "Tu Sais Quoi"

17.: Je Compte Sur Toi

18.: Tu Es Ma Pluie Et Mon Beau Temps


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