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Jazz (not just) for Kids 10 CDs
Jazz (not just) for Kids 10 CDs

945 486

Jazz (not just) for Kids 10 CDs

Die erste umfangreiche Zusammenstellung von Jazz-Originalalben für, von und mit Kindern - perfekt als Einstieg in die wunderbare Welt des Jazz. Mindestens sechs der Produktionen zum ersten Mal auf CD. Als 'Sidemen' sind auch Ben Webster, Pepper Adams, Paul Desmond, Bob Brookmeyer, Al Cohn oder Frank Sinatra (als Dirigent) zu erleben.

Wir haben nur noch 7 Exemplare auf Lager.

Artikel auf Lager - sofort lieferbar. Artikel auf Lager - sofort lieferbar.

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€ 14,95
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Weitere Informationen
CD 1
The (Nat) King Cole Trio: King Cole for Kids

1. Ke-Mo-Ki-Mo (The Magic Song) (Trad.) 2.23
2. Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Trad.) 2.43
3. (Go to Sleep) My Sleepy Head (Trad.) 2.45
4. Nursery Rhymes (Trad.) 2.49
5. The Three Trees (Trad.) 2.41
6. There‘s a Train Out for Dreamland (Trad.) 2.38
7. Three Blind Mice (Trad.) 2.37
8. I Wanna Be a Friend of Yours (Trad.) 2.13

Recorded August 15, 22 and 27, 1947 at Capitol Studios, LA
Nat King Cole (p, arr, cel), Oscar Moore (g), Johnny Miller (b),
Vance DeBar “Pinto” Colvig (Sfx), Frank DeVol (arr on tracks 3 & 6)

CD 2
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Dave Digs Disney

1. Alice in Wonderland (S. Fain, B. Hilliard) 9.28
2. Give a Little Whistle (L. Harline, N. Washington) 7.35
3. Heigh-Ho (The Dwarfs‘ Marching Song) 3.56
4. When You Wish Upon a Star (L. Harline, N. Washington) 4.52
5. Some Day My Prince Will Come (F. Churchill, L. Morey) 8.21
6. One Song (F. Churchill, L. Morey) 5.03

June – August, 1957
Dave Brubeck (p), Paul Desmond (as), Joe Morello (dr), Norman Bates (b)

Total Time 60.05

CD 3
Jon Hendricks: Evolution of the Blues Song
1. Introduction (J. Hendricks) 3.18
2. Amo (J. Hendricks) 2.08
3. Some Stopped On De Way (J. Hendricks) 2.51
4. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Trad.) 3.53
5. New Orleans (Trad.) 4.03
6. I Had My Share (C. Miller) 3.58
7. Please Send Me Someone to Love (P. Mayfield) 3.23
8. Sufferin‘ Blues (C. Miller) 2.23
9. That‘s Enough (D. L. Coates) 2.24
10. Aw, Gal (J. Hendricks) 1.50
11. See See Rider (M. Rainey) 3.49
12. Jumpin‘ With Symphony Sid (L. Young) 2.47
13. Sun Gonna Shine in My Door (B. B. Broonzy) 2.05
14. W.PA. Blues (L. Melrose, C. B. Weldon) 2.45
15. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Trad.) 3.01

Recorded in Hollywood, CA, 1960
Jon Hendricks (narr., voc), Jimmy Witherspoon (voc), “Big” Miller (voc), “Pony” Poindexter (ts),
Ben Webster (ts), Bobby Gibbons (git), The Ike Issacs Trio Jack Wilson (p), Ike Isaacs (b),
Jimmy Smith (dr), and the Hannah Dean Chorus

Langston Hughes: The Story Of Jazz
Introduction, Africa, The South, New Orleans; Jelly Roll Morton, Rags, Bink Johnson,
Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong.
17. THE BLUES 6.53
Introduction, St. Louis Blues, Ma Rainey, Perdido Street Blues.
A Break, A Riff, Boogie Woogie; Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, Earl Hines,
Dizzy Gillespie, Lennie Tristano, Teenagers, Mary Lou Williams.
Written and narrated by Langston Hughes with Documentary Recordings in 1954
Total Time 76.21

CD 4
Stevie Wonder: The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie
1. Fingertips (H. Cosby, C. Paul) 2.58
2. The Square (H. Cosby, C. Paul) 3.02
3. Soul Bongo (M. Gaye, C. Paul) 2.19
4. Manhattan at Six (H. Cosby, C. Paul) 3.45
5. Paulsby (H. Cosby, C. Paul) 2.45
6. Some Other Time (H. Cosby, C. Paul) 5.10
7. Wondering (C. Paul, S. Wonder) 2.51
8. Session Number 112 (C. Paul, S. Wonder) 3.17
9. Bam (B. Gordy, Jr.) 3.34
Hitsville USA, Detroit, 1962

The Big 3 … Chubby Jackson, Marty Napoleon, Mickey Sheen – Jazz >From Then Till Now
10. At the Jazz Band Ball (La Rocca, Shields) 1.06
11. Struttin’ With Some Bar-B-Que (Hardin) 6.30
12. Don’t Be That Way (Sampson, Parish, Goodman) 5.45
13. Undecided (Shavers, Robin) 3.48
14. Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home (Traditional P.D.) 4.31
15. Now’s The Time (Parker) 3.17
16. Bernie’s Tune (Miller, Stoller, Leiber) 5.30
17. Till There Was You (Wilson) 5.07
18. Robbin’s Nest (Thompson, Jacquet, Russell) 2.59
19. Flyin’ Home (Goodman, Hampton, Leiber, Stoller) 5.24
Dixie Era: vocal intro by Pee Wee Russell ν 10 & 11: Frank Hubbell (tp), Dick Rath (tb), Pee Wee Russell,
Paul Hubbell (cl), Marty Napoleon (p), Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr) Swing Era: vocal intro by
Charlie Shavers ν 12 & 13: Charlie Shavers (tp), Sol Yaged (cl), Harry Sheppard (vib), Marty Napoleon (p),
Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr) Vocal Jazz Aspects: vocal intro by Mickey Sheen ν 14 & 17:
Maria Marshall (voc), Marty Napoleon (p), Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr), Modern Era: vocal intro
by Bob Brookmeyer ν 15 & 16: Bob Brookmeyer (tb), Al Cohn (ts), Ronnie Odrich (cl), Marty Napoleon (p),
Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr), Big 3: vocal intro by Chubby Jackson, 18: Marty Napoleon (p),
Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr), Jam Session: vocal intro by Marty Napoleon, 19: Maria Marshall
(voc), Charlie Shavers (tp), Bob Brookmeyer (tb), Al Cohn (ts), Ronnie Odrich (cl), Harry Sheppard (vib),
Marty Napoleon (p), Chubby Jackson (b), Mickey Sheen (dr), Recorded in New York, September 1958
Total Time 74.01

CD 5
Slim Gaillard: Opera in Vout

1. Introduzione Pianissimo (Softly, Most Softly) 0.25
2. Recitativo e Finale (of Much Scat) 4.56
3. Andante Cantabile in Modo de Blues ( ) 2.55
4. Presto con Stomp (with a Floy Joy) 3.49
Slim Gaillard (g, dr, voc), Tiny “Bam” Brown (p, b, voc)
Gaillard plays guitar and sings on all track, accompanied by: 1. Opera in Vout
(Groove Juice symphony); Part 1: Introduzione Pianissimo (Softly, Most Softly); Part 2:
Recitativo e Finale (of Much Scat) (Parts 1 and 2 based on “Hit That Jive, Jack”)
(M. “Skeets” Tolbert-L. Aiston); Part 3: Andante Cantabile in Modo de Blues (based on
“C-Jam Blues”) (Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington); Part 4: Presto con Stomp (with a Floy
Floy) (aka “Flat Foot Floogie”) (Bulee “Slim” Gaillard-Leroy “Slam” Stewart-Bud Green)
Gaillard (p on Part 3, d on Part 4) with Tiny “Bäm” Brown (p on Part 4, b, vc|).
Recorded April 22, 1946 at the Embassy Theater, Los Angeles
Original 10-LP issue: Opera in Vout Clef MGC 506

Al “Jazzbo” Collins: Jack And The Beanstalk /
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

5. Jack and the Beanstalk (The Brothers Grimm, D. Jones) 3.13
6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (The Brothers Grimm, D. Jones) 3.17
Al „Jazzbo“ Collins (narr), Lou Stein (p)

Al “Jazzbo” Collins: Little Red Riding Hood / Three Little Pigs

7. Little Red Riding Hood (The Brothers Grimm, S. Allen) 3.22
8. Three Little Pigs (The Brothers Grimm, S. Allen) 4.03
Al „Jazzbo“ Collins (narr), Lou Stein (p)
Recorded in 1953

Raymond Scott: Rocket to The Moon

9. Rocket Away 1.41
10. Song of the Planets 0.43
11. The Nearest Star 0.36
12. Moon Song 1.41
13. Travel Song 1.23
All music composed by Raymond Scott – Raymond Scott and his
quintet with the Gene Lowell Chorus
Ralph Comargo (narr), Recorded in 1950
Bing Crosby sings and tells the story of Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves

14. A Long Time Ago in Persia 0.41
15. Year in, Year Out 1.07
16. Ali Baba Always Hoped … 1.02
17. 40 Thieves 0.42
18. Open Sesame 2.18
19. My Own Individual Star 2.41
20. Well Now, Ali Baba’s Brother (Kassim) 0.18
21. One Rich Brother (Kassim) 1.22
22. Open Sesame! Kassim Was Trapped! 0.52
23. One of Us is a Thief 1.03
24. I Love You Whoever You Are 1.50
25. One Rich Brother (Ali Baba) 2.48
26. They All Lived Happily Ever After (Ali Baba) 1.03
All tracks: Music by Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Sammy Cahn; Bing Crosby (voc, narr)
The Sandpiper Press Full Chorus and Orchestra
Recorded in 1957

Total Time 50.07

CD 6
Cannonball Adderley: A Child’s Introduction to Jazz

1. A Child‘s Introduction to Jazz (Part 1) 22.59
2. A Child‘s Introduction to Jazz (Part 2) 24.40
Narrated by Cannonball Adderley with documentary recordings feat.
Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington,
Coleman Hawkins, Sidney Bechet, King Oliver,
Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Ma Rainey, Scott Joplin,
Thelonious Monk, Cannonball Adderley
and other immortals of Jazz

Total Time 47.43

CD 7
Bob Keeshan: A Child’s Introduction to Jazz

1. Introduction 2.04
2. African Drums 1.27
3. Work Song Featuring – Bob Mitchell (2) 2.53
4. The Melting Pot 2.58
5. Hymns and Spirituals 2.53
6. New Orleans Marching Band (Traditional) Jazz 2.32
7. Introduction 1.41
8. Dixieland 1.30
9. The Blues Featuring – Dottie Evans 2.47
10. Ragtime 1.56
11. Boogie Woogie 1.13
12. Swing 3.14
13. Bop 1.06
14. Modern 5.53
15. Summary 1.39
Featuring Bob Keeshan (narr) and The Honeydreamers (voc)
The story of America’s great contribution to Music, created especially for children
and told by their favorite television entertainer
Story and Lyrics by Mary Rodgers and Marshall Barer; music by Linda Melnick
musical directors: Don Elliott and Jim Timmens
produced by George Simon
Bouree Productions
Recorded in New York, 1959
Total Time 35.50

CD 8
Jimmy Rowles: Let’s Get Acquainted with Jazz

1. The Cobra (J. Rowles) 3.20
2. Cheetas for Two (J. Rowles) 2.56
3. El Tigre (J. Rowles) 2.14
4. Lullaby of Birdland (G. Shearing, G. D. Weiss) 3.16
5. Tea for Two (I. Caesar, V. Youmans) 3.22
6. All for You (R. Scherman) 3.43
7. Body and Soul (F. Eyton, J. Green, E. Heyman, R. sour) 2.52
8. East of the Sun (B. Bowman) 2.31
9. The Blues (J. Rowles) 3.53
10. Perdido (E. Drake, H. J. Lengsfelder, J. Tizol) 3.21
June 20, 1958; Red Mitchell (b), Mel Lewis (dr), Barney Kessel (g), Jimmy Rowles (p),
Harold Land (ts), Pete Candoli (tp), Larry Bunker (vb)

The Mitchells-Red, Whitey and Blue with guest artist André Previn:
Get Those Elephants Out’a here!

11. Get Those Elephants Outa Here! (Keith ‚Red‘ Mitchell) 4.04
12. My One and Only Love (Robert Mellin, Guy Wood) 5.31
13. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (Bob Hilliard, Dave Mann) 4.30
14. Moten Swing (Benny Moten, Buster Moten) 4.17
15. Monster Rally (Gordon ‚Whitey‘ Mitchell) 3.12
16. Three Cheers (Keith ‚Red‘ Mitchell) 7.23
17. Blues for Brian (Gordon ‚Whitey‘ Mitchell) 3.36
18. Fraternity (Keith ‚Red‘ Mitchell) 4.06
Blue Mitchell (tp), Frank Rehak (tb), Pepper Adams (bar), André Previn (p), Red Mitchell (p, b),
Whitey Mitchell (ldr, b), Frank Capp (dr), Supervision: Leonard Feather
Recorded in New York City, October 6, 1958
Total Time 68.12

CD 9
Duke Ellington: Nutcracker Suite
1. Overture (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 3.22
2. Toot Toot Tootie Toot (Dance of the Reed-Pipes) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 2.27
3. Peanut Brittle Brigade (March) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 4.38
4. Sugar Rum Cherry (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 3.07
5. Entr‘acte (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 1.51
6. Volga Vouty (Russian Dance) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 2.53
7. Chinoiserie (Chinese Dance) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 2.45
8. Danse of the Floreadores (Waltz of the Flowers) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 4.02
9. Arabesque Cookie (Arabian Dance) (P. I. Tchaikovsky) 5.44
Radio Recorders, LA; May 26 (tracks 1 & 5), May 31 (track 2), June 3 (tracks 4 & 8),
21 (tracks 3 & 7) & 22 (tracks 6 & 9), 1960
Duke Ellington (p), Willie Cook - Fats Ford - Ray Nance - Clark Terry (tp), Lawrence Brown -
Booty Wood - Britt Woodman (tb), Juan Tizol (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (as),
Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars, cl, bcl), Aaron Bell (b), Sam Woodyard (dr)

Pee Wee Hunt: The Classics A La Dixie
10. Twelfth Street Toreador (G. Bizet) 2.44
11. Rigoletto Rock (G. Verdi) 2.17
12. Hi-Ho Pee Wee (G. Rossini) 2.28
13. Springtime Down In Dixie (F. Mendelssohn) 2.46
14. Cotton Pickin‘ Carmen (G. Bizet) 2.40
15. Oh! Martha, Oh! (F. von Flotow) 2.04
16. Hunt‘s Goulash (J. Brahms) 2.21
17. The Iceman Cometh (E. Waldteufel) 2.10
18. Creepin‘ Can-Can (J. Offenbach) 2.15
19. Pee Wee and the Wolf (S. Prokoflev) 2.09
20. Hoffman‘s Hideway (J. Offenbach) 2.25
21. Dixie By Drigo (R. Drigo) 2.00
Arrangements by Van Alexander and Dave Cavanaugh, Recorded in 1958
Total Time 59.43

CD 10
Ella Fitzgerald: Get Happy!
1. Somebody Loves Me (B. DeSylva, G. Gershwin, B. MacDonald) 2.40
2. Cheerful Little Earful (I. Gershwin, B. Rose, H. Warren) 2.11
3. You Make Me Feel So Young (M. Gordon, J. Myrow) 2.23
4. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar (H. Prince, D. Raye, E. Sheehy) 2.32
5. Like Young (A. Previn, P. F. Webster) 3.04
6. Cool Breeze (T. Dameron, B. Eckstine, D. Gillespie) 2.01
7. Moonlight Becomes You (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen) 3.10
8. Blue Skies (I. Berlin) 3.47
9. You Turned the Tables on Me (L. Alter, S. Mitchell) 2.34
10. Gypsy in My Soul (C. Boland, M. Jaffe) 2.43
11. Goody Goody (M. Malneck, J. Mercer) 2.32
12. St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) 3.56
LA; July 24, 1957 - July 11, 1959
Tracks 1,2: Nelson Riddle (arr, cond), Paul Smith (p), Herb Ellis (g), Joe Mondragon (b), Bill Richmond
(dr), Conrad Gozzo - Cappy Lewis - Vito Mangano - Shorty Sherock (tpt), Dick Noel - Tommy Pederson -
George Roberts (tb) ν Tracks 3,7: Frank DeVol (arr, cond) Lou Levy (p), Herb Ellis (g), Joe Mondragon (b),
Alvin Stoller (dr), Frank Beach - Pete Candoli - Cappy Lewis - Al Porcino (tp) Harry Betts - Dick Noel -
George Roberts - lloyd Ulyate (vtb) ν Track 4: Russell Garcia (arr, cond), Claude Williamson, Jr. (p), Herb
Ellis (g), Red Mitchell (b), Jack Sperling (dr), Pete Candoli - Philip Candreva - Buddy Childers - Stu Williamson
(tp) ν Tracks 5,6: Marty Paich (arr, cond), Claude Williamson, Jr. (p), Herb Ellis (g), Red Mitchell (b), Jack
Sperling (d), Pete Candoli - Philip Candreva - Buddy Childers - Stu Williamson (tp) ν Track 8: Paul Weston
(arr, cond), Paul Smith (p), Barney Kessel (g), Joe Mondragon (b), Alvin Stoller (dr), John Best - Pete Candoli -
Harry „Sweets“ Edison - Don Fagerquist - Mannie Klein (tp) ν Tracks 9-12: Frank DeVol (arr, cond), Arnold
Ross (p), Barney Kessel (g), Ben Webster (ts), Abe Luboff - Joe Mondragon - Philip Stephens (b), Alvin Stoller
(dr), Pete Candoli - Harry „Sweets“ Edison - Ray Linn - George Werth (tp), Milt Bernha

Oscar Peterson: Put On A Happy Face
13. Put On a Happy Face (L. Adams, C. Strouse) 8.32
14. Old Folks (D. L. Hill, W. Robinson) 4.24
15. Woody ‚N‘ You (D. Gillespie) 3.54
16. Yesterdays (O. Harbach, J. Kern) 4.50
17. Diablo (O. Peterson) 3.27
18. Soon (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin) 6.52
19. The Lonesome One (O. Peterson) 7.05
Recorded live at The London House, Chicago July 28–29, 1961,
Oscar Peterson (p), Ray Brown (b), Ed Thigpen (dr) Total Time 72.40

Dean Martin: Sleep Warm

1. Sleep Warm (L. Spence, M. Keith, A. Bergman) 3.53
2. Hit the Road to Dreamland (H. Arlen, J. Mercer) 2.53
3. Dream (J. Mercer) 3.21
4. Cuddle Up a Little Closer (K. Hoschna, O. Harbach) 3.13
5. Sleepy Time Gal (A. Lorenzo, R. A. Whiting, J. R. Alden, R. B. Egan) 2.53
6. Good Night Sweetheart (R. Noble, J. Campbell, R. Connelly) 3.11
7. All I Do Is Dream of You (N. Herb Brown, A. Freed) 2.47
8. Let‘s Put Out the Lights (And Go to Sleep) (H. Hupfeld) 2.46
9. Dream a Little Dream of Me (W. Schwandt, F. Andre, G. Kahn) 3.18
10. Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) 3.01
(T. Koehler,H. Barris, B. Moll)
11. Goodnight, My Love (M. Gordon, H. Revel) 3.04
12. Brahms‘ Lullaby (PD) 3.00
Dean Martin (voc), Frank Sinatra (ldr, cond), Benjamin Barrett (contractor), Alfred Viola (g),
Joseph G.‚Joe‘ Comfort (b), Alvin A. Stoller, William Richmond (dr), Ken Lane, William Miller,
Edwin L ‚Buddy‘ Cole (p), Elizabeth Greensporn, Edgar ‚Ed‘ Lustgarten, Kurt Reher,
Eleanor Aller Slatkin (cello), Kathryn Julye, Stella Castellucci (harp), Alvin Dinkin, Louis Kievman,
Alexander Neiman, Paul Robyn (viola), Victor Arno, Harry Bluestone, Jacques Gasselin, James Getzoff,
Seymour Kramer, Carl LaMagna, Daniel ‚Dan‘ Lube, Amerigo Marino, Alexander ‚Alex‘ Murray,
Erno Neufeld, Louis Raderman, Paul C. Shure, Felix Slatkin, Marshall Sosson, Gerald Vinci (violin),
Jack Cave (frh), Gus Bivona, Herman C. Gunkler, Dale Issenhuth, Jules Jacob, Abraham E. Most,
Theodore M. ‚Ted‘ Nash, Wilbur Schwartz, Charles T. ‚Chuck‘ Gentry, Edward R. Miller (ts/as),
Frances L. ‚Joe‘ Howard, Murray McEachern, George M. Roberts, Elmer R. ‚Moe‘ Schneider (tb),
Frank F. Beach, Conrad Gozzo, Dale McMickle, Charles Richard ‚Dick‘ Cathcart (tp), Julian C. ‚
Matty‘ Matlock (cl)
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, October 13–15, 1958

Total Time 37.22


Die erste umfangreiche Zusammenstellung von Jazz-Originalalben für, von und mit Kindern - perfekt als Einstieg in die wunderbare Welt des Jazz.

Jazz ist kein Kinderkram. Oder doch? Die neunzehn Originalalben auf dieser 10-CD-Box präsentieren eine nie zuvor dagewesene Zusammenstellung: zeitloser Jazz für Junggebliebene und deren Nachkommen. Es sind weit über zehn Stunden Jazz und " Artverwandtes", die nicht nur Kita-Kinder zu Jazzfans machen können, sondern auch reiferen Musikfans Freude bereiten werden. Mit etlichen Raritäten und mindestens sechs hier zum ersten Mal jenseits der Vinyl-LP auf CD erhältlichen Alben, bietet " Jazz (not just) For Kids" nicht nur die bisher umfangreichste Sammlung von " Jazz für Anfänger", sondern auch einen spannenden Einblick in das Thema " Musikalische Jazz-Erziehung" in den 50er/60er Jahren. Alles andere als kindisch, reicht die Auswahl von Kinderliedern à la Jazz über höchst unterhaltsame Hörspiele und " historische Einführungen in das Genre" bis zu einem " Jazz-Soul" Album des damals 12-jährigen " Little" Stevie Wonder. Den Anfang macht Nat " King" Cole mit seinem Trio und acht wunderbar swingend und humorvoll umgesetzten Kinderliedern wie etwa " Old McDonald Had A Farm"; anschließend widmet sich Pianist Dave Brubeck seinen liebsten Disney-Liedern. Jazz-Vocal-Maestro Jon Hendricks präsentiert seine " Evolution of the Blues Song" mit Gästen wie Ben Webster , Pony Poindexter oder Jimmy Witherspoon. Nicht minder lehrreich und unterhaltsam ist " The Story Of Jazz", getextet und gesprochen vom afroamerikanischen Autoren Langston Hughes mit Hörbeispielen von Bix Beiderbecke, Dizzy Gillespie oder Duke Ellington. Letzterer ist später auch mit seiner Interpretation von Tschaikowskis " Nussknacker" vertreten. Dazu kommen, wie schon erwähnt, weitere " Introductions to Jazz", unter anderem eine sehr rare von Altsaxofonist Cannonball Adderley, sowie eine swingende Version des Märchens von " Ali Baba und die 40 Räubern" mit Bing Crosby. Dazu kommen: Alben von Jimmy Rowles, Oscar Peterson und den " Gebrüdern" Mitchell, zwei tatsächliche Brüder namens Red und Whitey Mitchell und der nur namensverwandte Trompeter Blue Mitchell, ein Hörspiel mit swingenden Sounds von Bugs Bunny- und Daffy Duck-Vertoner Raymond Scott, eine sehr spaßige Dixieland-Produktion mit klassischen Themen von Pee Wee Hunt, absolut jugendfreie und ewigfrische Lieder von Ella Fitzgerald (u.a. " Goody Goody") und nicht ganz so jugendfreie Versionen von Kinderliedern des Beatnik-Hipsters Al " Jazzbo" Collins. Zu guter Letzt singt Dean Martin noch zwölf wunderbare Einschlaflieder, unter anderem das " Wiegenlied" von Brahms.

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